Mission - Our Aim

  • The aim of our School is to train the students educationally & build foundation for the National Progress .

  • To create a happy & caring School environment in which the children learn that courtesy , good manners & consideration for others are valued qualities .

  • To develop helpful learning attitudes, useful learning skills and with continuity and progression, to increase  the child’s knowledge and understanding .

  • To teach children to learn to read fluently and accurately, and to promote an enjoyment of reading and the written word .

  • To teach the children to communicate effectively, both in spoken and written English , for a variety of purposes , with an appropriate emphasis on handwriting,  spelling,  grammar and punctuation  .

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations and ability to apply these  appropriately .

  • To encourage scientific curiosity and to improve the children’s skill and knowledge in Science and technology, and further develop the use of Information technology throughout the curriculum .

  • To awaken an awareness of the world around us through historical, geographical and scientific studies.

  • To develop the children’s ability and enjoyment in physical activities including games.

  • To promote equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, race or ability.

  • To promote close liaison with parents, governors and local community. 


Counselling and Guidance :

The School aims to maintain the  “ Child – Centered ” approach in its functioning . Due to the  competitive atmosphere,  life of the children in the present scenario is full of stress . The guidance and counselling help the students to cope with this stress  and facilitate an all round personality growth .

Our Mission : 


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