Examination Rules

The school follows the syllabus as prescribed by Maharashtra State Board of Education.

Examinations and Tests

  •  Up to VIII standard, there will be two examinations and periodic tests will be conducted throughout the year for 10 mark each subject.
  •  A pupil who takes or gives dishonest help at an examination will be debarred from the rest of the examination and he/she will get zero. A boy or girl may be dismissed in a case of cheating if caught more than once.
  •  A pupil, who has not paid all his /her fee, may be disallowed to appear for any examination.
  •  Promotions are decided on the pupil’s progress throughout the year based on the results of terminal and final examinations and remedial tests.
  • Highest attendance will be awarded.
  • Promotions are according to the government rule.
  • Weak students should come to school till 30th April/ till told for improvement tests.
  • Progress report cards will be issued only to the parents. 


Competitive Examinations

  • Maharashtra Talent Search Examination.(VIII to X)
  • National Talent Search Examination.(X)
  • Scholarship Examination ( IV & VII)
  • Hindi Rashtrabhasha Examination.(V to VIII)
  • Elementary & Intermediate Grade Drawing Exam.(VIII & IX) 
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